..and welcome to part 2 of my episode 3 recap (see part 1, here).

Before I jump into the top 20 I have to congratulate Paula, Jason, Aaron and Shannon on the elimination of one of the dancers. As good a dancer as he is, I would much rather watch Adrian’s choreography. Adrian has been given a very special opportunity by the judges and I cannot wait to see what he creates. If his group number is anything to go by we have some treats in store for us.

Now to the top 20:

Ashleigh (Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

Ashleigh is strong and willing to take risks. She has all the right moves and it will be fascinating to see how far that will take her.

Blond (Hip Hop)


Image credit: Network 10

Blond is amazing in his own genre and so far he has pleasantly surprised in his ability to pick up the other styles. Here’s hoping he keeps up with the more formally trained dancers.

Chris (Commercial Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

Chris’ gorgeous smile is only matched by his powerful dancing.

Eden (Contemporary)


Image credit: Network 10

There doesn’t seem to have been much airtime given to Eden so far. Thank goodness that is about to change. I watched her solo and was moved by her spirit and connection with the audience. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Jay (Jazz/Hip Hop)


Image credit: Network 10

It’s third time lucky for Jay and he is hungry for it.

Joel (Hip Hop)


Image credit: Network 10

Joel’s a family man with a clear focus on what he wants. How far will that take him?

Jordan (Contemporary)


Image credit: Network 10

Jordan’s dancing is controlled and emotional. He is a deep well with lots to give.

Kathaleen (Latin/Ballroom)


Image credit: Network 10

I love Kathaleen’s spunk and drive. She is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Lauren (Lyrical Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

I have a huge soft spot for Lauren and feel that we have only had glimpses of her ability. I think she will amaze.

Maddie (Ballet)


Image credit: Network 10

Maddie has a star quality that I hope continues to shine. If she is able to connect with her partners she will be serious competition.

Michael (Contemporary)


Image credit: Network 10

Michael’s lines and movement are divine. I look forward to him taking my breath away.

Nadiah (Dancehall)


Image credit: Network 10

Nadiah is a little pocket rocket bursting with personality. I’m still waiting to see if there is anything she can’t do.

Patric (Urban)


Image credit: Network 10

Patric is a powerhouse with strength and intensity. I think he will continue to smash expectations.

Renelle (Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

Renelle has not had a huge amount of airtime but there is something special about her which I noticed early on. I am thrilled she made it to the top 20 and can’t wait to see more of her.

Sally (Hip Hop)


Image credit: Network 10

Sally finally has her chance and is ready to show the judges that they made the right decision.

Sam (Lyrical/Contemporary)


Image credit: Network 10

Who couldn’t love the modest country boy who dances with the maturity of someone twice his age? I will be shocked if Sam doesn’t make it to the final.

Stephen (Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

Stephen is strong and dances with his heart on his sleeve.

Thabang (Ballroom)


Image credit: Network 10

Thabang is full of personality and his dancing is memorising. My hope is that he is partnered with someone equally strong and compelling.

Yukino (Urban)


Image credit: Network 10

Quirky and emotional. Will Yuniko be able to adapt to all the other genres?

Zoey (Jazz)


Image credit: Network 10

Zoey is another dancer I feel I have hardly seen. Having watched her solo all I am thinking is ‘more, more please’.

It’s a diverse, strong top 20 who no doubt will be put to the test. It’s early days but if I had to choose my top three girls would be Kathaleen, Lauren and Renelle and my top three boys would be Patric, Sam and Michael. And since I have asked you…to be fair…if I had to name names my top girl would have to be Renelle and my top boy Patric. Your turn!


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